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A little update on Betterfoodguru

Wow, I started this blog about a year ago with every intention of regular blogging. I had been dreaming of blogging for several years but never made it my priority. 2018 was obviously no different there, but I did start instagramming with an almost religious fervor. I started taking pics of my food and posting sometimes several times a day for the first few months. It became a micro blog for me which maybe was all I could really handle since all the technical stuff alludes me. I had my bro-in-law to set this up for me (THANKS KEV) but that meant I have to maintain it and post stuff on my laptop which honestly is HELLA slow compared to my phone. If you have followed me on social media or known me in IRL you have gotten the memo that I am busyaf. I have 3 small kids, I work in a restaurant, and I do side hustles. Restaurant Consulting, Social Media Management for small businesses and I micro blog the hell out of Instagram. I really would like to macro blog the hell out of as well, so today I start blogging again. I also aspire to write a few cookbooks and a novel about my kitchen exploits but thats for another year I think.